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Friction Hinges
Friction Hinges offered by us that are typically used to control motion or hold a pivoting object opened or closed. The most common and relatable application is that of a laptop hinge. they are made in various types. 

UPVC Window Hinges
We are offering here the UPVC Window Hinges that allow windows to pivot up to 360 degrees depending on how they are installed. Hinges are widely used in households and buildings for doors. 

Espagnolette, UPVC Transmission Rod
A Espagnolette, UPVC Transmission Rod is a uPVC window door hardware accessory used in the uPVC window door making. It is used for window door multi points lockup through handle rotation. It consists of lock pillar, gear, support, moving rod, fixed rod and lockset.
UPVC Door Window Roller
The UPVC Door Window Roller is one of the most commonly used technologies for sliding doors, and finding the right material is essential. uPVC rollers are one of the options that people can consider, and theyre best because they are pollution-free, durable etc. 

UPVC Window Hardware and Accessories
The UPVC Window Hardware and Accessories are major hardware used in uPVC doors and windows. Handles are the key hardware of window or door. For selection of handles, one should keep in mind the aesthetic look and function of handles.

Aluminium Window Roller
Aluminium Window Roller is utilized as a sliding window. Its getting all the publicity, and it is evident in numerous families and different places like workplaces, work areas, and so forth. It is because aluminum as a metal enjoys tremendous benefits. 

Aluminium Window Hardware
Aluminium Window Hardware is used to make window door and curtain wall frames. Thats because pure aluminium on its own doesnt have a high tensile strength. It is alloyed with other elements like manganese, silicon, copper and magnesium its strength increases vastly.

UPVC Window Locks
There are UPVC Window Locks offered by us are the gearing part inside a window that's driven by a handle. The upvc locks are made available by us in various types as per the need. 

UPVC Window Fittings and Accessories
UPVC Window Fittings and Accessories encompass a range of durable, weather-resistant components designed to enhance functionality and aesthetics. From hinges to seals, these fittings ensure seamless operation and longevity for UPVC windows, catering to diverse architectural needs.
Aluminum Window Handles
The Aluminum Window Handles are still made for the double glazing market although most tend to be for commercial applications like shop fronts or stores. They are frequently used in aluminum window door making.

Aluminum Window Lock and Hinges
There is a wide range of Aluminum Window Lock and Hinges offered by us that provides security and functionality to systems. In the aluminium industry, the term "lock" is mainly used for doors and sliding systems.

Aluminum Window Fittings and Accessories
Aluminum Window Fittings and Accessories offer a sleek and modern solution for window installations. With a focus on strength and corrosion resistance, these components, including locks and handles, provide reliable performance and a contemporary aesthetic for aluminum windows in various settings.
Friction Hinges for Doors
The Friction Hinges for Doors are placed on both sides of doors or windows and then force is applied for opening or closing it. These hinges are designed to not fully open or close at once. 

Window Sliding Handle for Windows
Window Sliding Handle for Windows provide ergonomic and user-friendly operation for sliding window systems. Designed for smooth functionality and durability, these handles facilitate effortless opening and closing of sliding windows, enhancing both convenience and security in residential and commercial spaces.

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